Monday, January 28

Dog Park

So, I took Sammy to the park yesterday. Unfortunately Nichole couldn't go. We are fortunate though that we have an awesome park with a dog park in it not even five minutes away. So, as a special treat that is where we went. He is one of those dogs that can't sit still in the car. He starts slobbering up the windows and what not. He especially got over excited when we drove by all the dogs. I decided I would take him for a walk on the boardwalks first so he would calm down before we went by all the other dogs. They keep the dogs segregated which is really nice. Sammy doesn't do too well with other big dogs so we went in the smaller dog side. There were at least 20 dogs in there running around, playing and smelling each other. Sammy wasn't too sure at first, but he grew some nuts and I finally let him off the leash to see what he would do. Besides trying to hump one dog, he did really well. He seemed to enjoy himself, especially with the other Jack Russells that were there (3 others). One of the Jacks was a puppy and was jumping so high in the air and then darting, faster that I have ever seen a dog run, across the park. It was a good afternoon and I'm sure Sammy can't wait until we go back.


Mr. Fabulous said...

Did you smell any of the dogs too, while you were there?

You know, when in Rome...

Cheryl said...

Good Job with the humping, Sammy!!