Tuesday, September 25

Wasting Time

As you can see I am not working. Hence the blogging. But, believe it or not I am at work. Working the mall gig today. On days like this, I wonder if it is even really worth it. I have made a whopping $32 for myself today. I'm strictly commision and I haven't really sold a damn thing all day. But, Saturdays is what makes up for it. When I am here all by myself, allday (11 hours). That's where the bread is at. I can't even people watch on a day like this because all there is are people in wheelchairs, with walkers or zipping by at 50mph in a motorized cart. Sometimes I think it would be cool to see a motorized cart accident. Two of them collide leaving one with a flat tire and a bent rim. The other with a torn off fender. Maybe the geezers will even start to beat each other with their canes. Then, Tuesdays would be interesting. But, that never happens. At least I have some blogging to catch up on.


Mr. Fabulous said...

People still say "bread"?


Cheryl said...

LOL @ the Countryside Geezer Drag Strip!!