Thursday, September 6


I read the news on a daily basis and multiple times a day. You never know when something new, exciting, tragic or important is going to happen. Most of the time I am reading on the web. There is this one great news blog that I enjoy. It's called Gimmie The Scoop. It's a marketing blog. I like a news blog over a news site because there are comments that are left by people and you can get a nice little debate going on. Everyone's opinion counts. What I really like about Gimmie The Scoop is the navigation of it is simple and smart. The news is broken up into categories. My favorite category would have to be the Internet & Technology category. They have some great product reviews and even posts about products that are not completly available yet. The top post at the moment even talks about search engine optimization which all of us bloggers know a lot about. This has been a great source of news for me so far. I think I'm going to go read the news right now.

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