Tuesday, September 18


The other day Nichole and I went grocery shopping. We always do our shopping at Walmart (like everyone else on this planet). So, we can also shop the home wares and all that fun stuff as well. We decided to start changing out all our incandescent bulbs to CFLs. Walmart's are decently priced so we bought a couple of packs. They are different...

We changed out or bedroom and living rooms first. I wanted the "natural light" ones which are supposed to have a truer light and will not give things that yellow look you get quite often from incandescents. Like I said, they are different. They have a bluer tint to them. Which is fine. I really like them in the bedroom, but the living room I have to get used to. 

One thing I really like about them, besides the money saving and environmental effects, is they do not bother my eyes as much as incandescents did. They are a lot softer and don't cause as much of a glare either. We liked them enough that I ended up going back to Walmart and bought another pack so we could change out our den and closet. The closet is really cool because now we can actually see the color of our clothes and they do not look all dingy and yellowed like the incandescent did to them. 

The only thing left to change our some top hats we have in the hall and dining room. They make CFLs for these as well. They look like a standard flood light, but are CFLs. So, I think we might give those a try as well. 


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Good job saving money AND the environment! Now, tell your Father to do it, I was telling him about them and he had no idea what they were.