Wednesday, September 5

Labor Day Weekend

Nichole and I had a really nice weekend. After church on Sunday we went over to the other coast to visit my Grandma. She is doing great and was so excited to have us there. So was her husband and their dog! We didn't do anything too exciting. Just watched a little classic TV with them (Andy Griffith, Mash and Gunsmoke). For dinner, my Grandma made wonderful cornish hens with asparagus, rice and corn.

On Monday, Nichole and I left and headed over to Disney. Why not. We went to Animal Kingdom earlier in the day and just mulled around. We saw the Nemo show, which was okay. In the evening we went over to Epcot (my favorite). A lot of stuff was being refurbished. Plus, the Food and Wine Festival is coming up. They redid the Canada show! It now has Martin Short in it (of course, he is everywhere in Disney). I think they did a really good job with it and kept it close to the original. They also kept the original "O Canada" song. They couldn't get rid of that. Later, Nichole and I had a nice dinner at the Biergarten and enjoyed the Illuminations fireworks show. It was a very enjoyable weekend to say the least.


Cheryl said...

I thought she seemed very tired. And I do NOT like cornish hen & asparagus....I was pretty sure Nichole wouldn't likey either.

Coli :) said...
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Lindsey said...

OK So I made my blog... check it out somehow!! lol I am so confused!!! Cant I ad you as a friend or something?? lol i am foot305