Wednesday, September 19

Say Cheese!

I'm not much of a photo guy. I understand that capturing the moment in a photo means a lot to some people, but for me, not so much. If I had kids it would be the other way around, but I don't. I have seen some fanatics such as the ones at Disney that have the whole family pose at every ride, sign and building to get that picture. I've even seen them do it at the mall in front of the Disney store! Like they are at Disney or something. I find that kind of behavior ridiculous. But, I still would like to have a decent digital camera for those few moments you do want to capture. The really good ones. 

My digital is nothing special. It's a FugiFilm. It takes decent pictures, has all kinds of settings for light and speed and it also takes video. Nichole and I use it most often when we are at a special event at Disney or for those random funny moments. We have even made goofy faces and taken photos of them! I also use it to capture our events that we put on with Full Wave Sound Live. But, I do have some family and friends that are really into the digital photgraphy thing.

My good friend Diego works for a promotions company and uses a very nice camera every night to take photos at clubs. I often have to upoad the photos for him. Easily hundreds of photos from one night. I also have an aunt that works with photography and has always had a really nice camera. I remember when she used to use film, but she has gone digital as well. If I wanted a high end camera, like what they use, I would probably check out Canon cameras. I know they have been around forever and make a really nice product, yet is reasonably priced. But, for now I think I will stick with my Fugi that takes great pictures and didn't cost me a dime.

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Lindsey said...

We use a Fuji too and we LOVE IT!! We are on our second one and they have been great!! The only reason we bought new was to upgrade!!