Monday, September 10


Okay, before you get too excited, this isn't a freebie that you can partake in. Nichole and I have some wonderful family and friends that have helped us get to where we are. Yesterday we had the wonderful opportunity to receive a free 36" flat screen TV! Well, of course we took it. Corey's parents had just gotten a new TV and didn't have any use for their old one. It's a big 36" Sanyo with a great picture and tons of options. There is absolutly nothing wrong with it. So, after we fought with it getting it into the car and got it home, we decided to make sure it would fit in our unit. Nope, that's a big negative on that. The TV we had before was a 32" and the wall unit would not fit the new one. We ended up travelling all over the countryside looking for some kind of TV stand and we ended up finding one at none other than Target in Trinity. So, now we have a nice, black TV stand and a black audio cabinet for all the equipment. We do have to find another matching cabinet for the other side to fill up the space and make it look even. My dad was a great help getting this ball buster of a TV up our stairs last night. Thanks Dad. I do not think I have ever moved something heavier or more awkward than this TV. But, it's worth it. A bigger, better TV and it was completly free (minus the TV stand)!