Sunday, March 9

What We Are Doing Here...

Just a few shots of what we have seen and what we have come out here for. 

This is Life Church's Production Suite. From here the message and service is captured not only for recording and archive purposes but it is also beamed via satellite to their 18 satellite/multisite sites. The signal is beamed in realtime, therefore all the multisites receive the signal in realtime and display it to their congregation. It's really awesome, what they do. This is what Van Dyke is eventually wanting to do.
This is at one of their multisites. We went to Tulsa today to see how they put together on of their multisites. This one in particular because it is a portable site, meaning that every weekend they load in all this gear, set it up and then tear it down after service. It all contains 3 huge screens, intelligent (moving) lights, hazers, a full band, lots of trussing and a decent sized sound system. This is only the sanctuary. At all their multisites they also have a children's ministry and meeting areas. It's a big production. This is how our multisite at Van Dyke operates. Again, this site receives the message in realtime via satellite. It's a pretty cool experience.

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