Monday, March 17

The Chase

I just thought I would share with you, what our Sammy did yesterday. 

So, after church, I knew I had to go pick up Katie (my sister) from her job at McDonald's. She's too lazy to walk. So, I had to drive clear across the county just to pick her up. But, anyways, I decided I would take Sammy with for a  car ride and then let him run around like a fool in my parent's backyard. He had a great time running around with the other dogs and trying to hump Bridget! Haha. On the way back home I stopped by Cheryl's house to pick up the computer. Once we finally got home, I'm getting out of the car and before I could even close the door Sammy jumps out of the car and takes off! He bolted across the parking lot and down the sidewalk. I took off after him, but he was running at full speed and I had flip flops on. His ears were flapping in the wind and you could hear him galloping away. Meanwhile I'm trying to chase him down, running out of breath and to no avail. He gets all the way to the other side of the complex before he stops to pee on a tree and I lurched at him. But, he was too quick and got about another 20 feet ahead and peed on that tree. I catch up, jump and caught him. Of course he got a spanking and a good talking to as I carried him home... both of us panting.


Cheryl said...

Bad Sammy!

Coli :) said...

That was a very bad Sammy!! Mommy was very upset!