Monday, March 17

Trash to Treasure

Speaking of free (see prior post), Nichole and I have been getting some good free stuff lately. As my family takes care of my grandmother's estate, I claimed the desktop computer. My Aunt was kind enough to bring it back with her yesterday and I ran by to pick it up. It does need a little work and has some virus and spyware issues, but once those are fixed it will be trucking. Our old desktop was so slow and old that it was time for a replacement. But, the best "free" we have had all week was last night...

I was taking Sammy for a walk and we had to go drop off the trash. There is always some interesting crap lying by the dumpster. Quite often you will find some paintings and pictures, cabinets, bed frames and I have even seen a stove and TV. It's amazing what people throw away, but most of it is all junk. Well, not last night! Lying next to the dumpster was this very nice, chocolate brown, leather (might be vinyl) headboard with a sign attached, "Free Headboard. Enjoy!" I was skeptical for a second. It has to be damaged or something. But, after taking a good look, it looked perfect. I brought Nichole down with a flashlight and we took a look at it. It was like brand new! Why would anyone give it away for free or throw it out if it was brand new condition. They could have gotten something for it. People are always trying to sell their "wares" on the peg boards. But, another man's trash is another man's treasure. After some work and modifications, we now have, what is basically, a brand new, in perfect condition, chocolate brown leather headboard. It's awesome. Now, we have to get rid of our old one.

So.... we have for sale:

Light oak, queen headboard with iron work

We also have:

Mintek DVD Player with remote

(not sure what size) CRT computer monitor, black

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Cheryl said...

NOICE! Good find on the dumpster dive!