Saturday, March 8


So, I'm in Norman (20 mins south of Oklahoma City) Oklahoma and it's not much different than Florida. Of course there are some different options for food such as Taco Bueno, Red Robin and Grandy's and there are plenty of people that do not know how to drive, but other than that it's about the same. Except for the topography of the land. I thought Florida was flat... but this is flat. You can see for miles across the land. We are on the fourth floor of our hotel, so I can see even farther than that from here! It's pretty cool.

We decided to eat Red Robin last night for something different. I definitely did not want to eat at some place we have back home and with red Robin being right next to our hotel we decided to go there. I had an awesome Sicilian Burger. Mmmmm good. 

Also, we are staying at a La Quinta Inn & Suites. Now it is common knowledge that, in English, La Quinta means "Next to Denny's". But, this is the first La Quinta I have seen that is not next to Denny's! They are right next to an Ihop though. Maybe since it is an Inn & Suites they decided that they must also upgrade the restaurant.

Here are some shots from the hotel room. Nothing exciting...

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Cheryl said...

Red Robin is awesome! And I love the Taco Bueno as well!!
LOL @ your La Quinta translation!