Monday, March 17

Church Chat

The Oklahoma trip was awesome and well worth it. We learned a lot and got to meet some really cool individuals. Now, the team that went, has some new ideas and thoughts about going forward in our multi-site ministry. When we returned last Monday, we were thrust, full force, into this holy week. I've have been so busy with church lately that I have had to go out there the past 4 days! I have to go today. It's really cool what we can pull off. For Palm Sunday we had our regular worship team of instruments (drums, bass, guitar, piano, etc.) and we added a small orchestra consisting of viola, violin, cello, flute, trumpets, oboe, clarinet and sax. Services looked awesome and sounded amazing.

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Coli :) said...

Church? I just asked you if you had to go and you said IDK Make up your mind.. LOL J/K