Friday, March 7

Flying Sucks

Nothing like sitting at the airport waiting. Yep. My flight on American Airlines this morning was originally for 7:50 am. So, I got up bright and early to head on out to the airport. I got here and yes, the flight was cancelled. Apparently they are having some nasty weather (snow) in Dallas, where my connecting flight was at. So, after waiting over an hour in a huge line to get to the ticket counter, I was issued a ticket on Delta for a 12:25 flight to Atlanta and then to Oklahoma. Well, at least we are getting there. But wait, there's more. We go to our terminal and go through all the screening and de-clothing bs just to find out our flight got pushed back an hour! Now we are leaving Tampa at 1:25 pm instead of the original 7:50 am! At least we will not have to wait as long in Atlanta for our 3:40 pm connecting flight.

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