Saturday, October 13

USF Bulls!

I get updates, on my phone, for every quarter of the Bucs and USF games. Well, the USF Bulls played the UCF Knights today and unfortunately I didn't get to see the game, (I don't think it was aired anyways) but I did get the updates. I was amazed by the score. USF beat the crap out of the Knights with a final score of 64 - 12! I haven't seen a score that high in either NFL or NCAA in a while. That's just ridiculous. UCF is supposed to have a pretty decent defense as well. Apparantly they didn't show up today. If they keep this up, they might go all the way. I can't wait to go to the game next month. Lets keep up the momentum!


Cheryl said...

It was on ESPNU, and since #1 and #2 lost, USF may bump up in the polls! That ticket you hold for the game next month is a HOT One!

Coli :) said...

the 10 tickets my has are hot also. oh wait 2 of them are for us :)