Wednesday, October 31

Credit Got You Down

I applied for a new credit card with Bank of America on the 11th of October and I still have not received the card yet! Which reminds me, I need to get on the horn with them. They tell you 10 days and you will have your card. That's a lie. But, anyways, I got a really good interest rate on it because I have been careful and have good credit. But, for those that don't have good credit, getting a decent credit card, or loan for that matter, can be a nightmare. Enter Bad Credit Offers. This intuitive site allows you compare bad credit credit card offers side by side so you can see what is going to work best for you. They also allow you to compare bad credit loans whether they are home loans, auto loans or personal loans. I'm glad I have good credit. But, if you don't, check these guys out. I bet they can help.

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absolutelytrue said...

They take forever but I love Bank of America. If a strange charge shows up on your account, even if it's 22 cents, they call you to let you know. I feel safe with them. Someone was trying all different exp. dates with my number until they got one that worked and went through for 22 cents. As soon as it processed they locked the account and got me on the phone. That's service. I opened a credit card account with them after seeing how well they protected my bank account. It has a decent interest rate and high limit too. I'm impressed by them.