Friday, October 26

Metal Everywhere

If I had a garage, I would definitely install lots of storage to keep things organized. It seems like the trend for those remodeling their garages is metal. Metal, metal everywhere. Diamond plate is one of the more common types used and my garage would be no exception. But, I do not have a garage. So, I am asked, "Would you put metal cabinets in your kitchen?". 

That would be a negative. Although the metal theme fits very well in the garage where there is an "industrial" feel, the kitchen is part of the home and I feel that the metal would not work at all. Stainless steel appliance is the extent to how much metal would go in my kitchen and even then I am not totally sure. I believe that not only would the metal cabinets, if they were in a kitchen, be obtrusive, but they would also be loud when opening and closing them. I'll stick with the more traditional wood cabinets, especially if they are deep and rich in color and we'll see about the stainless steel appliances.
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