Wednesday, October 31

Halloween... At The Mall???

They did trick or treating in the mall again this year just like they do every year. There were tons of people here this evening. So many that most stores ran out of candy around 6pm and it started at 4pm and was supposed to last until 8pm. It's 8:15 now and there are still a lot of people here. Lots of little kids dressed up of course and a few middle school aged kids. But, one of the reasons the mall does allow this is to draw business to the mall. 

Obviously that doesn't work. The kids are too busy screaming, "candy, candy, candy" and mom and dad are too busy chasing after them. Therefore, myself nor anyone else makes any sales and it might as well have been empty in here. We counted how many people we saw with a shopping bag in hand and you saw maybe 1 in 30... maybe. I think I might have made 3 or 4 sales since 4 o' clock when the Halloween festivity started.

And who the hell brings their kids to the mall to go trick or treating anyways? Are parents that lazy now? I remember my Dad hand making all of our costumes as kids and then we would all haul down to Grandma's, meet up with our cousins, and go trick or treating in the neighborhood. Outside..., where it is dark..., with the moon overhead... It was always cool seeing all the different decorations people had and the different jack-o-lanterns, and passing other trick or treaters giggling at each other as the go from house to house. I remember a couple of years we even got full size candybars from the neighborhood. 

Let me tell you something, when I have kids, I will be carving pumpkins with them, making costumes and we will be trick or treating outside, in a neighborhood like it should be. To me, that is what Halloween is all about.


Mr. Fabulous said...

Nah, Halloween will be banned by then. Outlawed. Our evil alien overlords will see to that.

Didn't I tell you about the evil alien overlords?

Cheryl said...

Preach on Brother! Halloween is best when done outside!

absolutelytrue said...

Did they have an age cutoff at the mall? The teenagers really get on my nerves. We had gangs of kids that were way too old for trick-or-treating out while I was trying to let my 3 year old in on the fun.