Thursday, October 4

Making The Buck

Leave it to Apple to squeeze every last dollar out of you. Their computers are awesome. I really love the sleekness and ease of use of the operating system. Plus, they look cool. But man, they cost a whole bunch. The one I really want is $2,400! But, it is nice. Thankfully, the Macbook I use now is the churches and I get to use it as if it was mine absolutly free. 

I was on the Apple website today just looking at what's new and I came across a bit of software in the store section. Apparantly all the current Macbooks have 802.11n (the newest wireless standard) built into the hardware! So, cool. I can use the newest and fastest WiFi and I didn't even know it. I thought this book was b and g only. Here's the little catch. The Macbook has the capability, but Apple wants you to pay $2 to use it. The $2 is for what is called the 802.11n Enabler which is a piece of software/firmware that while enable the "n" capabilites. $2!!! I know it's nothing, a drop in the bucket, but come on Apple. We already bought the computer, now you want us to pay for the software too? What the hell are they going to do with $2? That's just their way of pinching every penny out of your wallet.

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