Saturday, November 24

Holiday Shopping

We all know I work in the mall from time to time. I'm there right now. Yesterday was Black Friday and we did so so in sales. I'll be honest, there really wasn't that many people in the mall. Not like in years past. No one seems to be having any huge doorbusting sales this year to drawer the crowds. 

I was reading some articles talking about how holiday shopping this year is going to be luke warm and how stores are strugling. I also read some articles, post Black Friday, that were saying some malls opened up at midnight! They are out of their mind. You wouldn't catch me here at that time. They go on to also say that by mid day a lot of shoppers had already left and the crowds started to dwindle because shoppers were burnt out on it. I would totally agree with that at our mall. By mid day it seemed just like a normal weekend. I don't know what's going to happen, but if the trends continue, I forsee a lot stores starting to pull out of the mall. I know we are getting close. Here's to a lousy holiday shopping season! 

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