Thursday, November 29


Of course it is that time of year when everyone pulls out all the decorations for Christmas. Nichole and I did our place last weekend. Unfortuanetly we do not have a lot. 

Growing up, our house used to get completely converted for the Christmas season. All the normal day to day stuff would be packed up and replaced with all kinds of Christmas knick-knacks. Not to mention that the outside would take a whole weekend to get decorated. It was insane. My Dad and I had to put in a whole line of breakers just to power the light display. But, now that my Dad is converting and I no longer live at their house, the stuff just stays in the attic through the season. Although, I was over there about a week ago and someone was doing some light decorated. I was really surprised.

Anyways, Nichole and I do not have much, but we have some. We did go out and buy some lights to decorate our patio and windows. We will purchase a few things this year to add to it. For Halloween and Thanksgiving we were able to raid my parent's attic and take what we wanted so we had a pretty nice setup for those holidays. But, I dare raid the attic for Christmas because there are literally around 20-25 bins of Christmas stuff. Maybe as it gets closer, I might see what there is and take a few things.

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