Thursday, November 29

Happy Chill Out Days

So far, working the mall this holiday season has not be lucrative. I was hoping Black Friday was going to give me a nice boost in my pay. It ended up being just a bump. Not only Black Friday, but that whole weekend was not what it should have been or what it has been in years past. It's just a combo of gas prices, housing market and for the simple fact that there are no real "must haves" this year. There really isn't. Even though my paychecks are a joke, I'm actually kind of enjoying it. The holidays have always been and always will be a fast paced time of year. Everyone is usually running around trying to keep up with the Jones' and playing catch up, but this year I think people are taking it slowly and doing what they can. I, for one, am taking it each day at a time and I am in no hurry for it to get here. I'd like to kick back, relax and enjoy the season this year. So, who's with me? 

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