Friday, November 23

Benefits Rock

Okay, I know I haven't blogged in forever. But, don't give me any grief. I've been so busy and tired with work I just haven't had the chance. But, on with my post.

I love Nichole's new job! The hours she works are not only great (banker for those not in the know), but her benefits are fantastic too. Both her and I now have medical insurance and dental (which I haven't had since high school). Time to get those eyes checked. But there's more! She also gets fantastic discounts on theme parks, movie tickets and more. Today, we discovered yet another perk.

A local restaurant manager came into her bank today and invited everyone and their families to a soft opening of their new restaurant and everything was to be complimentary! Not being one to pass up anything for free, we booked our time and went. FREE DINNER!

How fantastic it was. The place is called Flamestone: An American Grill. You can check them out here. The place is owned by a well known, local restauranteur. Not only is the atmosphere gorgeous, even the bathrooms, but the service was superb. Now, whether the service will change once they are officially open, who knows. But, I do know that our waitress was fantastic.

We had some Chardonnay, a watermelon Martini, calamari, both of us had 9oz filet mignons, and for desert we had their awesome "cupcake trio". The grand total came to $78, and it was completely free!

I was really surprised by what they had available for their soft opening. They had every kind of liquor and spirit you could think of, all kinds of wine and huge assortment of meats and entrees. And it was all free. If you live in the area, definitely go and check them out. Nichole and I will absolutely be going back.