Thursday, December 27

News Post

I'm a pretty avid news reader. One of the first things I'll do when I jump online is head over to and read the headlines. There is always something interesting going on. I came across one titled "For Bloggers, Online Ads Beckon". Sounded interesting and I could relate to that. So, I read it and it was good. I didn't really learn anything new from it, but it does mention Pay Per Post and there is also a quote from a Google rep. She mentions how a click from an ad on a corporate site or a click on an ad from an individuals site makes no difference. But, she fails to mention that by dropping everyone's pagerank they have squeezed a lot of us out of paid ads. Which brings me to my next point.

What's with Google's AdSense? Is that not advertising that many of us place on our blogs? Sounds kind of hypocritical to me. I think Google is pissed off because companies like Pay Per Post have butt in and have become the sole source for bloggers to go to and advertise to make money. Google wants AdSense to be top dog, but AdSense is your standard, boring and annoying advertisement. It's not the creative work of people that can relate to the advertisement. They try to relate the ad to your blog by crawling your blog. But, it's not always accurate. A little advice Google, stick with what you do best, crawling the internet for your search engine not my blog.

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